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Photographic Studio

Ansel Adams: Photography is more than just a medium for conveying ideas based on reality. Photography is a creative art.

In today's world, the photography industry, like other related industries, is a powerful media.

The professional Sahneh photography team is comprised of artist photographers with a specialized background in all areas of photography along with relevant training.

Advertising Photography

Usually eyes do not move toward the writing. Photos are the first thing to capture the eyes.

Advertising photography is one of the most fascinating genres of photography that has the duty to showcase your products or services in a complete way.

If your business needs to capture the imagery of your products, Sahneh photography team will accompany you.

Industrial Photography

Industrial Photography is a branch of the vast photography industry whose job is to showcase complete and high quality industrial products. Every manufacturer of different products needs to have a strong and consistent team to showcase their products. With a strong infrastructure and facilities in place, Sahneh photography team will always be there to meet your needs.

Architectural Photography

Architectural photography, be it the design of the building's façade or the interior design of the building, using the right techniques, captivates the viewer with various manifestations of architectural art.

In fact, we can say that architecture are surrounded by us, and every architect and designer of the building needs beautiful, well-documented images that capture the eye of every buyer and viewer. Sahneh photography team with sufficient experience and strong photographers ready to capture magnificent images of your buildings and structures.


Photojournalism or news photography is referred to as a style of photography whose main purpose is information and as media experts define it: news photographers are the same authors and news editors by image.

Due to the need of news agencies Sahneh photography team is ready to collaborate with various agencies and media.

Experts from Sahneh Photography Studio are on hand to provide you with the best guidance and free advice on how to use this unit's services.