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Video Studios

Steven Spielberg: You don't have to dream your film, you have to make it

Now, Sahneh Video Studios, along with experts with knowledge of expanding communications and ease of access to audio and visual resources, has emphasized the importance of audiovisual arts, and is aiming to work with artistic sophistication.

What is Promotional Teaser?

Human beings today live under a heavy bombardment of advertising! advertising that specifically tells us what to use or what we can trust. Advertising teasers as one of the tools used in today's media not only control how we use these media, but they also influence our lifestyle, our charter of conduct, and our worldview.

These teasers are designed to convey an advertising message, and are ultimately used as an important tool to showcase a specific topic and create a sense of curiosity in the viewer and to introduce specialized products and services in digital media.

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics is a mix of animations, texts and sounds, along with soundtracks designed with standard elements. Applying these designs, in addition to the graphic appeal, has a profound effect on the audience, and can also deliver a clear message to the audience in a short period of time.


Documentation is a filmmaking technique that has no boundaries and is different in terms of film description from other films.

There are unlimited ideas for documentary filmmaking so that you can make films in all fields such as politics, geography, countries, history, wildlife, lifestyle and more.

Documentary filmmaking has to depict the facts as they are.


These days it's not necessary to spend a lot of money on making commercial or instructional videos, just by producing animation that is a world of limitless possibilities, with everything imaginable in mind. This amazing animation capability has made it possible to make even the most subtle imaginations of the human mind come into the world of advertising.

Animation gives you the opportunity to save time and money, as well as being a place for creativity and innovation.

Short Film

When you have decided to make an artistic film that requires a specific story in terms of time and budget, we recommend that you make a short film.

Sahneh Holding Video Studios is ready to produce and deliver specialized short film projects based on your narrative, using professional cinematic standards.

Experts in Sahneh Holding Video Studios are in contact with you for the best guidance, free advice and information on the terms of service of this unit.