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Short-term Learning

Education is needed by everyone in the community, and a country with a high percentage of educated people has a higher chance of success, but what is the importance of education?

Education has always been at our disposal to promote knowledge, build the skills and abilities to apply science and technology correctly. In today's highly competitive world, learning the right skills is the right way to succeed.

Short-term Learning

Short-term training is referred to as training aimed at enhancing the knowledge, insight and ability of individuals in the fields of science and technology and developing job skills.

These trainings are designed to develop specialized knowledge and increase productivity of human resources, improve scientific and professional level and creative and efficient workforce.

Purpose of Organizing Short-term Courses

1- Preparing people to perform job tasks correctly and efficiently for greater productivity

2- Promoting the knowledge, insights and specialized skills of the community of acquaintance with the scientific fundamentals

3- Introducing knowledgeable learners to the latest technologies and keeping their information up-to-date

4- Meeting scientific and professional needs

The Role of Education in Economic Growth

Undoubtedly, One of the main axis of economic growth and development is education, even the evolution of this sector, which in turn leads to the development of other sectors. In addition to the factors of production (labor and capital), economic growth also depends on improving the quality of the workforce, advancement in technology, better resource allocation and ultimately education and training. The implementation of development programs requires the use of skilled people.

Finally, it can be said that education, provides the basis for the growth and development of the country.

The Role of Education and its Importance For Business Owners

It is essential to start any business, whether small or large, with sufficient information.

To achieve goals in any business as quickly as possible, you need to be properly trained and effective, no matter if your business is customer service, sales or even production! With basic training, you can take the right steps in the vibrant and competitive environment of different markets and see your ideal result.

Different Methods of Learning

In today's world, it has been tried to replace the modern education system with the traditional outdated one in recent years, as the world community has come to recognize this as enhancing educational productivity and promoting the economic system through efficient and effective human resources training.

The model of modern teaching has its own set of techniques that are tailored to the needs of individuals and society, while traditional methods are not.

Modern trainings try to transfer the necessary knowledge and skills in the shortest possible time by applying the latest knowledge such as information technology, educational software and online education.

Sahneh group intends to provide short-term specialized training courses to enable individuals to complete their training in order to train specialized and efficient human resources, Or even get into the favorite business.

The first phase of conducting short-term training courses in Sahneh includes the following specialized courses:

Digital Marketing Course

Marketing Management Course

Entrepreneurship and Business Development Course

International Business Training Course

IT Courses (web design, applications, etc.)

Graphics software Courses

Photography Courses

Movie Courses

Music Courses ( Composing, Tuning, Mix & Mastering )

Film Editing Courses

3D Modeling Courses

Legal Issues Courses

Sahneh Training Department experts are in contact with you for the best guidance, free advice and information on the terms of service of this department.