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As we all know in today's interconnected, modern world, the application of information technology has become an indispensable requirement for all small and large businesses. Accordingly, the professional team at Sahneh Department is determined to tackle the challenges of the IT world and provide you with a reliable background in the modern world.

Website and Application Design

The on-site design and development team ensures that you are well-versed in the methods and standards of your site, the beauty, performance and sustainability of your desired website and application.

Web Design: According to the customer's taste, in accordance with the principles of design, aesthetics and SEO.

Mobile App Design: Ultimately, the beauty and efficiency of utilizing your ideals, along with the infrastructure needed for mobile applications.

Web Application Design: The most up-to-date technology of mobile services, which makes it unnecessary for the user to install software while providing the user with the experience of working on mobile and outside the web at the same time.

Network Security

Without worrying about cyber security issues and network upgrades, just think about expanding your business.

Sahneh Team ensures the consistency, scalability, security and up-to-date network and infrastructure of your business, and provides the way for the development of a modern platform for your business.

Search Engine Optimization

Would you like to rank in the top of Google searches? The content and SEO team at Sahneh Department ensures your presence in the first Google search results by analyzing the new Google ranking algorithms and most standard quality assessment methods and creating web content.




Supply, Support of Hosting (server) and Infrastructure

HA, Monitoring, Server, Cloud

Sahneh Professionals are ready to host the infrastructure, supply, and maintenance of your online products and tools.

Sahneh Team are ready to design, implement and maintain your infrastructure to the highest standard.

Monitoring, flexibility and accessibility of your service are guaranteed even at the scale of millions of users.

ICT and Organizational Solutions

ICT and Organizational Solutions

Sahneh Team is proud to be ready to hear your problems and needs in the field and to provide you with solutions tailored to international standards.

Support Site, Applications and Infrastructure

Designing and implementing the website and application is the start of our journey with you. Sahneh Team specializes in providing long-term support, testing and monitoring of your services.

Sahneh IT & ICT Department experts are in contact with you for the best guidance, free advice and information on the terms of service of this department.