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Art and Multimedia

Nowadays various tools such as text, graphic design, photos, audio and video are used to better convey the message. In fact, the emergence of new media are owed to computers, because computers use new technology to create, edit and move all medias.

In the future, the emergence of multimedia tools as a new technology, is not unexpected and is becoming more and more advanced. The technology is widely used in various areas of advertising, training, and software applications, and this is due to its attractiveness and impact on the audience.

Sahneh multimedia arts team is also working to reach its original goals with its professional and creative productions based on the services it provides to audiences.

Graphic Studio

Graphics is the extent of talking about a book with dots and lines.

It is impossible to identify a phenomenon and introduce it to others without the use of patterns and colors.

Sahneh graphic team is tasked with combining different colors and designs to suit the needs of the audiences.

Photographic Studio

Ansel Adams: Photography is more than just a medium for conveying ideas based on reality. Photography is a creative art.

In today's world, the photography industry, like other related industries, is a powerful media.

The professional Sahneh photography team is comprised of artist photographers with a specialized background in all areas of photography along with relevant training.

Video Studios

Steven Spielberg: You don't have to dream your film, you have to make it

Now, Sahneh Video Studios, along with experts with knowledge of expanding communications and ease of access to audio and visual resources, has emphasized the importance of audiovisual arts, and is aiming to work with artistic sophistication.

Music Studio

Beethoven: Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.

In today's world, the most important goal is to influence the audience, which is one of the most effective means of achieving this goal using music. Music has the power to make you feel loved about the product or service you want.

In this regard, Sahneh Music Studio works with a professional and experienced staff in the production of audio content along with the required instructions, in one word you will be in Sahneh with music!

Architecture Atelier

When you are thinking of creating your ideas or products, you need to have a clear visualization to make the right presentation. In this regard, the creative experts of 3D modeling and design unit of Sahneh using powerful software are trying to achieve desired designs.

3D Modeling and Design

3D modeling and design of the audience's needs make a forward move with confidence.

Previously, designs and types of modeling have been presented as 2D images on paper to help people understand what designers have in mind. But nowadays, 3D design is common in many fields such as segmentation, architecture, industrial design, robotics, aerospace and more.

Sahneh branding experts are in touch with you for free guidance, free advice and information on the terms of service of this agency.